Tuesday, 9 June 2015

First Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Hi thanks for joining me in my first proper review of a game for this blog stay tuned ( if that's a possibility)

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Plot summary

Murdered is a murder mystery games that I feel takes inspiration from games like LA Noire. it shows that you don't have to have games with guns to have fun, it's a lot like playing the game Two Souls except you are the spirit thing and you play a bigger part in the story.
The story to start with is your a detective, in a old town called Salem somewhere near Boston, you've gone to a house to find a masked murderer, nicknamed The Bell Killer. Your character respawns and then the murderer comes and "7 shots one kill" your character almost instantly without remorse.

you eventually join up with a teenager and solve crime with the power of ghosts its like a reverse Scooby Doo with out Scooby you got cops who know diddly shit about whats happening (except that one guy), they just serve to provide filler in fact class any character that is not the teen(Joy),  Rohan and Baxter, you might as well forget them.

Game play

The most important part of any game "does it feel right." The answer..... Yes, this is because the world flows right when moving (not including loading screens), the puzzles are not so hard that you will be spending half an hour looking in every corner for that one midget masturbating to the corner spider web, NO they give you a room or two to see whats happening and how they link to the illuminate ghost world.

Okay so I've seen a some people complain *puts on an 8 year old voice* "why are there no guns I want to kill demons and put my ball sack into their mouths." Well i think it could of done with some sort of combat like the spirits could try and fight you as some might be evil who know the place is told its full of witches (well people accused of witchcraft).

The Verdict

id like to say that the game is worth picking up for around £15 as i did and the story's not bad although I feel it needed to be expanded into the background characters acting and lore for the game.
You know what its a good game for the price it lasted me about 6 hours I collected around 60% of the achievements without trying. and I didn't guess who the bad guy was (i guesses wrong i thought it was a male character (I'm not ruining it(that's because I want you to play the game (that's right sub sub brackets))).
To rate this game i will give it 7 shots to the chest out of a gun with a clip size of 10 (it was actually 11). Play it, try it, tell me  what you thought of the game

J Lowpez
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