Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fallout 4

Lowpez Game Review Fallout 4 (spoiler Free)

The Basics Of the Plot (not going to spoil the twists and turns)

so you a pre war person who has been frozen by like a cryogenic vault experiment which even the scientists in charge of keeping you alive where given very little food and obviously died and then you see your son Shaun Connerey and some woman who is your wife  now you want to get revenge or maybe you just want to find Shaun. 


 you have the dog who is tagged as 'essential' AKA he cant die so that a positive but any how I guess I'll talk about the companions. i have yet to of found all of them but they have a nice wide selection including a nice reference from fallout 3. So I love how the companions are just fun although they got rid of the companion wheel which I thought was a good idea but anyhow  their backstorys are given a nice method although I liked the quests in fallout new Vegas to get the perks but in this the perks are just given after keeping them along for about 8 hours. Another thing i really didn't like was the fact that the companions teleport and just never seem to be around when your in the danger zone. 

The gun play is a lot more refined and in some cases easier than NV  but that brings me onto the gun customization its pretty nice, I mean you cant turn a 10 mm into a laser pistol its more adding attachments like COD but more in def. I like how you have a set of guns called pipe guns that are made out of well pipes and other scrap  but they are well the guns you have when your all out of ammo in your sniper and assault rifle.

the new power armour system is good although I don't like the fact that you don't need power armour training or something equivalent.  one of my only arguments are you have access to power armour and deathclawas with in the first 2 hours (depending on how you play). it makes you feel like you have already killed the most feared creature with some of the best armour in the game, which of course that is all taken away by the fact that there're power cores things power armour need to run yet we never hear about this in F3 or NV. but i understand as power armour is nerfed more as now the armour pieces can break and you need to repair them although power armour is more effective at blocking the dps from raiders and dethclaws ect.

Final Verdict

the games fun (I played like 5 days in a row and only just finished the campaign and a few things) alll in all its a fallout game with new graphics and engine  I just realised I dint talk about the building which i will say was one of the most enjoyable things in the game I spent about a hour making a cool base, i loved the idea of making useless items useful where as in NV and F3 You wouldn't pick the stuff up but here if you want cool stuff you better pick everything up till the pistons in the power armour start to crack and always collect glue and sticky items and anything with copper. 

All in all noting I haven't found everything yet but so far wi would give it 240/ 250 carry weight good game 
tiny bit repetitive (especially the the radiant quests) but plenty to do.

Tell me what you think or what ever in the comments and share the thing to people like David Cameron he'll enjoy this.

Friday, 18 September 2015


What is the plot?
Well there may be a plot but you spend most of the time scavenging and collecting the rings of gold of the infected bodies and making sure you can afford insulin.
Okay the main plot revolves around you where you've just stepped out of a bunker after surviving the main apocalypse and now in the post-apocalyptic desert, which contains still hundreds maybe even thousands of infected, but you soon find Alice and her sister whom is infected and trapped in a water tower  eventually you put the sister down and learn Alice is diabetic and needs to find insulin to keep her alive so the two go to the next town where they find Isham who has insulin and hands it freely over and joins up with you and leads you to a gun shop and then back to the bunker.

Now this is when you realise how the game plays and how big you have to play around in and explore but wait! you need to start by building fortifications from the zombies and/or bandits that will attack the base so you instruct Isham to go build a wall out of the equipment from the local abandoned town which will take a about an hour, while that happening you should do some of the other quests that will of became available at that point.

How does this game play... well it plays good and it doesn't matter what style you play the RTS or manual control well it plays good I personally thought the manual control for short distance jobs and the RTS mode to tell them to go to a long distance while i control a different character and fortify my base or gun run from the gun shop to the base and eventually to the nearest town with traders. 

I like the fact that you can control more than one character without almost any lag from one side of the map without a sudden lot of lag but it's almost instant and no lag, this is something some modern games struggle with may I add. 

The Verdict
It’s a game you can play while sitting on the couch or desk one night with say 12 - 3 days free i would say it's one of the games you can play for a few hours one night start up a week later and still play and then remember hey i remember so you get back into it.
My rating would be 13 out of 17 crops required to feed you, Alice and Isham so buy it I would recommend it as it contains hours of game play and makes you want more lore as that is one of my problems with the game.
Tell me what you thought of the game if you have played it and if so what would you recommend


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

First Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Hi thanks for joining me in my first proper review of a game for this blog stay tuned ( if that's a possibility)

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Plot summary

Murdered is a murder mystery games that I feel takes inspiration from games like LA Noire. it shows that you don't have to have games with guns to have fun, it's a lot like playing the game Two Souls except you are the spirit thing and you play a bigger part in the story.
The story to start with is your a detective, in a old town called Salem somewhere near Boston, you've gone to a house to find a masked murderer, nicknamed The Bell Killer. Your character respawns and then the murderer comes and "7 shots one kill" your character almost instantly without remorse.

you eventually join up with a teenager and solve crime with the power of ghosts its like a reverse Scooby Doo with out Scooby you got cops who know diddly shit about whats happening (except that one guy), they just serve to provide filler in fact class any character that is not the teen(Joy),  Rohan and Baxter, you might as well forget them.

Game play

The most important part of any game "does it feel right." The answer..... Yes, this is because the world flows right when moving (not including loading screens), the puzzles are not so hard that you will be spending half an hour looking in every corner for that one midget masturbating to the corner spider web, NO they give you a room or two to see whats happening and how they link to the illuminate ghost world.

Okay so I've seen a some people complain *puts on an 8 year old voice* "why are there no guns I want to kill demons and put my ball sack into their mouths." Well i think it could of done with some sort of combat like the spirits could try and fight you as some might be evil who know the place is told its full of witches (well people accused of witchcraft).

The Verdict

id like to say that the game is worth picking up for around £15 as i did and the story's not bad although I feel it needed to be expanded into the background characters acting and lore for the game.
You know what its a good game for the price it lasted me about 6 hours I collected around 60% of the achievements without trying. and I didn't guess who the bad guy was (i guesses wrong i thought it was a male character (I'm not ruining it(that's because I want you to play the game (that's right sub sub brackets))).
To rate this game i will give it 7 shots to the chest out of a gun with a clip size of 10 (it was actually 11). Play it, try it, tell me  what you thought of the game

J Lowpez

Monday, 8 June 2015


Welcome to my blog! this is where I will be reviewing games I have played in order to keep track and give fair and unbiased reviews on them.