Friday, 18 September 2015


What is the plot?
Well there may be a plot but you spend most of the time scavenging and collecting the rings of gold of the infected bodies and making sure you can afford insulin.
Okay the main plot revolves around you where you've just stepped out of a bunker after surviving the main apocalypse and now in the post-apocalyptic desert, which contains still hundreds maybe even thousands of infected, but you soon find Alice and her sister whom is infected and trapped in a water tower  eventually you put the sister down and learn Alice is diabetic and needs to find insulin to keep her alive so the two go to the next town where they find Isham who has insulin and hands it freely over and joins up with you and leads you to a gun shop and then back to the bunker.

Now this is when you realise how the game plays and how big you have to play around in and explore but wait! you need to start by building fortifications from the zombies and/or bandits that will attack the base so you instruct Isham to go build a wall out of the equipment from the local abandoned town which will take a about an hour, while that happening you should do some of the other quests that will of became available at that point.

How does this game play... well it plays good and it doesn't matter what style you play the RTS or manual control well it plays good I personally thought the manual control for short distance jobs and the RTS mode to tell them to go to a long distance while i control a different character and fortify my base or gun run from the gun shop to the base and eventually to the nearest town with traders. 

I like the fact that you can control more than one character without almost any lag from one side of the map without a sudden lot of lag but it's almost instant and no lag, this is something some modern games struggle with may I add. 

The Verdict
It’s a game you can play while sitting on the couch or desk one night with say 12 - 3 days free i would say it's one of the games you can play for a few hours one night start up a week later and still play and then remember hey i remember so you get back into it.
My rating would be 13 out of 17 crops required to feed you, Alice and Isham so buy it I would recommend it as it contains hours of game play and makes you want more lore as that is one of my problems with the game.
Tell me what you thought of the game if you have played it and if so what would you recommend